The new administration has a plan to improve fuel-efficiency and reduce the amount of emissions generated in the atmosphere that causes personal injury as a result of the many cars, trucks and sport-utility vehicles on the road.

Chinese government officials have drafted car fuel economy standards more strict than the ones established in the United States.  The new plan would require automakers in China to improve fuel economy by an additional 18 percent by 2015.

As personal injury lawyers, we know one thing that can be fatal to drivers is a car accident.  Car crashes can cause whiplash, spinal cord injury leading to paralysis (i.e. paraplegia and quadriplegia) as well as traumatic brain injury like concussions.  Severe car accidents can also lead to wrongful death car accidents.

Cars can cause personal injury in pedestrian accidents or from the emissions produced from cars.  Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause automobile wrongful death from something called carboxyhemoglobin.  This is when carbon monoxide mixes with the red blood cells in the body and constricts the flow of oxygen to body tissues.

The average fuel economy of cars in China is higher in the United States.  Cars in China tend to be considerably smaller than ones in the United States.

New taxes in China can also aid with getting new fuel economy standards of 42.2 miles per gallon by 2015.  Cars with small fuel-sipping engines are charged a 1 percent sales tax while sports cars and sport utility vehicles are charged 40 percent sales tax.

As personal injury attorneys, we believe the new fuel economy standards should aid in reducing emissions that cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  Carbon monoxide can cause wrongful death as well as permanent heart damage and damage to the central nervous system.

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