Most people know that not enough research has been completed about how marijuana affects drivers, but they know they don’t want to share the road with someone under the influence.

That’s a good instinct, because like alcohol, marijuana can impair a driver’s ability to operate a car safely. To dig a little deeper into the issues and determine what’s at play with car accidents caused by cannabis, a recent study looked at how cannabis has affected car accidents in Colorado.

A new study has been launched with a grant of more than $800,000 to look at how cannabis can impact people behind the wheel. Recreational Cannabis sales have been legal in Colorado since 2014 and one teams of researchers are looking specifically at the hyper-concentrated cannabis extracts also known as ‘shatter’, ‘wax’ or ‘dabs’ and how that affects safety behind the wheel. This is an observational study that will use regular dabbers completing driving-related tasks, including a brake pedal and gas simulation that will evaluate their leg speed response.

The purpose of going directly to people who are already using the substance on their own is to simulate what it would most likely be like in a real-life scenario rather than in a laboratory setting.

You might not know until after the fact that you’ve been in an accident caused by someone who was smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana before or while driving. In these dangerous situations, it’s imperative to h

Have you been involved in an accident that you believe was partially or fully caused by someone under the influence of drugs at the time? You need help from a lawyer.