The U.S. Department of Transportation announced plan to create a new consumer program to help parents find a child seat that fits in their automobile to keep their children safe in the event of a car accident.

Our car accident attorneys believe government measures such as this will lower the rate of car accident injuries and — in this case — children’s injuries.  Since children are much more susceptible to injuries or wrongful death, making them safer in cars should be a priority.

This new program is a step forward to improve child passenger safety and Federal child seat standards in car crashes, the result of a comprehensive report from the Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.  But who will be testing these new car seats to make sure they are not defectively designed or manufactured?  And what regulations and standards will they have to live up to in order to ensure the protection of a child’s safety against personal injury and wrongful death in car accidents?

Secretary LaHood also ordered the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to develop a new side impact safety standard for car seats to protect from personal injury during auto accidents.  One-third of all fatal automobile accidents among children under the age of thirteen are from side impact car crashes.

It is also important to take into consideration is the car seats produced before these standards are put into practice, child seats that might be considered product liabilities in an automobile accident—who will be held liable for fault if that car seat helps cause a fatal car accident?

As automobile accident attorneys, we urge you to research the safest type of car seat for your child to use to prevent wrongful death and personal injury happening in a car accident.  You should not be forced to put a price tag on your child’s safety!

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