A recent study found that diabetic events were behind up to one out of five vehicle accidents and heart attacks accounted for a further 11% of crashes. That’s the reason why automakers are now working on in-car technology that can monitor medical conditions and responds to it appropriately, including the ability to detect a heart attack while driving. 

Warning signs such as a dramatic increase in heart rate could cause your car in the future to pull off the road and contact 911. Car manufacturers are constantly upgrading safety technology and the most recent studies illustrating the severity of medical events and how they are tied to accidents has been behind this. Toyota and Ford are both working on how to pair health sensors with autonomous driving technology to enable vehicles to pull off the road and get the call for help if a passenger appears to be having a diabetic event or cardiac trouble. A heart attack while driving could have major repercussions for the person afflicted and anyone nearby. 

A 2009 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found that diabetic events were behind up to 20% of crashes precipitated by medical emergencies reported by the driver. People are not always aware that they are having medical trouble but health sensors inside the car could increase the chances of catching this problem sooner rather than later. The sufferer can lose consciousness during the development of a sudden heart related medical issue behind the wheel.

People who are having a heart attack are not always aware that this is happening but a system that can identify dangerous heart rates and pull off the road and contact assistance could help prevent accidents and get necessary medical care for the afflicted person as soon as possible. If you have been involved in an accident because of a health event, it’s important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney immediately.