Tata Motors, an Indian car company that gained fame for introducing a $2,500 car, announced a new slate of trucks intended to lift its commercial vehicles business.   The company is competing with other foreign car companies (Volvo and Daimler), but will this competition between car manufacturers raise the risk of truck accidents from products liability?

As truck accident attorneys and products liability attorneys, we believe that if car companies struggle to stay atop the sales market, could cost cutting moves hit the assembly line and lead design defects.  If trucks are manufactured too quickly this could cause dangerous semi truck accidents — which often result in catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

The “world truck” will be able to carry 10 tons to 75 tons, several times greater than the biggest trucks Tata produces today.  Tata officials say that given the billions India has been investing in new highways and roads, this is an ideal time to introduce bigger, more powerful trucks.

Tata expects to export about half of the trucks it produces to markets like South Africa and the Middle East.  It will build the vehicles in India and South Korea.

As sales of commercial vehicles have dropped significantly due to the economy, Tata Motors is increasing its production to compete with local competitors.  As the need for money and power in the car industry is at an all time high, will profit take precedent over safety?  Suppose a loved one or you purchased a commercial vehicle from a car company and later suffered a personal injury due to a defective product in the truck.  Would you not want the car company to be held responsible for the truck they manufactured?

If you are involved in a car accident and suffer a personal injury because of a design defect, our product liability lawyers believe that the manufacturer of the defective automobile should be held accountable.

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