General Motors (GM) has been trying to create a partnership with the U.S. government keeping the business afloat in a struggling economy.  A deal with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and GM can reduce a promise to provide health care to workers with personal injury.

In 2007, the UAW wanted to protect one of its main benefits: health care benefits for retirees.  The UAW did this by agreeing to fund a new health plan known as a Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association that would be responsible for health-care costs starting in 2010.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys are concerned with former employees of General Motors who may have sustained permanent physical disabilities as a result of working for a corporation as big as General Motors.

Employees who work or have worked for GM can explain that creating a car is not an easy job.  There is heavy lifting involved in making a car for consumers.  That lifting can cause a back injury like a herniated disc that can have permanent effects later on even after the job is over.

The Detroit auto maker expects to cut remaining health costs to employees in half to about $10 billion, and supplement that with a 39% financial investment in the new reorganized GM.  Cutting GM’s health-care costs is an essential part of the “controlled bankruptcy” plan the U.S. Treasury is making for GM.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe that employers who offer retiree health-care for employees should be held responsible regardless of a bad financial position in a struggling economy.  General Motors has a job to do in making sure they are able to fulfill their promise to provide health-care to its employees who have worked and risked personal injury.

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