General Motors Corp. has agreed to take on responsibility for future product liability claims.  This new announcement has come on the brink of GM’s bankruptcy which left many car drivers nervous as to whether or not they would get compensated if one of their GM cars had a design defect which resulted in a personal injury.

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego know car accidents can cause many different personal injuries.  Car crashes can cause whiplash or spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis (i.e. paraplegia & quadriplegia) as well as traumatic brain injuries like concussions.  Severe car accidents can lead to wrongful death.

The government’s plan would have prevented anyone from bringing a future products liability claim against GM or Chrysler if a car already purchased from either company is defective and results in a car accident causing wrongful death or personal injury.

This new announcement will allow for individuals involved in a car accident as a result of a design defect from a GM car to be compensated for any pain and suffering they endured.

When a design defect causes a car accident, the car maker needs to be held responsible for the car accident leading to personal injury and wrongful death.  Some personal injury can be permanent and lead to constant high medical bills that can force you into debt.

The San Diego car accidents attorneys at our firm believe that regardless of a financial situation, companies that are responsible for products that can cause serious personal injury or wrongful death.  Design defects are a top cause of car accidents, and if GM’s products malfunction, the company should be held liable for any damages to consumers.

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