Every day thousands of Americans trust that the food they eat has been properly inspected by the United States Secretary of Agriculture and perhaps other government agencies.  One purpose is to conduct thorough investigations into the safety of foods with the intent of preventing bodily harm to consumers.

But why is it that many foods are recalled due to the hazardous effects they pose to consumers?  Who is held responsible for the products that get through the inspection lines and cause personal injury such as food poisoning which could lead to severe personal injuries or wrongful death?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the agency primarily responsible for ensuring the quality of the food consumed in America to prevent personal injury.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that meat companies need to do all they can to prevent products and foods from causing food poisoning and other personal injuries before they reach the public.

A proposed new law includes requirements that all food manufacturers write and carry out safety plans, pay an annual registration fee of $1,000 to the FDA and keep track of the distribution of all food products.

Government inspectors would be required to inspect every food facility in the country for food contamination that could lead to a personal injury at least once every four years, with high-risk ones being inspected every 18 months.

Despite support for the proposed injury prevention legislation, the chief of the Food and Drug Administration, said the registration fees “will, sadly, not be enough to implement those targets.”   In our opinion, this is still inadequate.

The chief’s plan is a step in the right direction in making sure the foods we eat do not cause personal injury and then require medical treatment before it escalates into a wrongful death.  Our  personal injury lawyers in San Diego hope to see more laws pass to keep what we put in our bodies safe.

Product liability in the food industry could lead to outbreaks of E.coli or Salmonella as well as cause food poisoning – or in worst cases wrongful death.

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