In the United States, there has been a movement for a new health-care plan.  Medicare was created in 1965 and was designed to aid people age 65 or older and those under 65 that are permanently disabled from situations like car accidents or other personal injuries.

A new health-care plan being proposed in Washington D.C. wants to give health insurance to everyone.  This new plan will help more people injured as a result of car crashes and other personal injuries.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys know the amount of uninsured Americans continues to grow.  More people every day need help paying their medical bills when injured as a result of a car accident, or they are injured at work and cannot get the proper medical care.  This new health-care plan helps these individuals get the care they require and could help with medical bills.

Trying to get your medical bills paid under the current health care plan can be difficult.  One can only imagine how much more difficult it may get.  If you are in any kind of accident, you should have some general idea of how to pay for your medical bills.  Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego have a helpful resource page with information about getting your medical bills paid after an accident.

This new plan benefits uninsured Americans that suffer from injuries from car accidents and other personal injuries.  The new plan also benefits taxpayers.  Taxpayers pay a lot of money for those uninsured Americans, now, so a new plan that makes those costs less can benefit everyone.

The new proposal, called the Healthy Americans Act, would give health insurance to every American, and people who suffer from car crashes and other injuries will get the care they need if the car accident results in lasting injuries.

Under the proposal, Americans not in Medicare or the military would be required to get a health-coverage policy for themselves and their children.  Families at or below the poverty line would have the full cost of their policies covered by the government.  Individuals would be in charge of picking their own health plans – a big difference.  Employers would help by paying a fee for each employee to help funding to help families buy their policies.

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