One of the biggest problems in America is the health care system.  There are people who are not insured because insurance costs too much and unemployment rates are rising, and there are people who have insurance, but medical bills are too high because medical costs are too much.

With Congress working on a health care renovation, many Americans are beginning to question the proposed legislation, speculating as to whether they might have to change their insurance or buy coverage if they don’t have it.  What does this health care change mean for your family and you?

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers are concerned about what this new legislation will mean for you.  We believe that health care reform is necessary; however, we do not believe health care benefits should be taxed.  If people do not have medical insurance, paying the medical bills for conditions such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and paralysis becomes more difficult.

Here are some of the top issues most Americans are concerned about with regards to health care reform:

  • Q: I don’t have insurance.  Will I have to buy it?

It is a definite possibility.  The new legislation is likely to propose that all Americans will need to buy health coverage as currently people with health insurance are paying higher premiums to help cover the costs of the 46 million people who are uninsured.

  • Q: I have had trouble getting insurance because of my personal injuries.  If I’m required to get insurance, where would I get it?  And how could I afford it?

New plans could create an exchange — a kind of clearinghouse — to help people and businesses find affordable insurance.

  • Q: I’m happy with the insurance my employer provides me.  Will I have to change it?

Congress has said repeatedly that people who are happy with their insurance will not have to change it.

  • Q: I don’t pay taxes on my employer-provided health insurance now.  Is that going to change?

It might for some people.

  • Q: What about my other taxes?  Will they go up to pay for an overhaul?

Other tax increases are under discussion.

  • Q: If an overhaul goes through, will employers have to kick in some money to help pay for it?

Lawmakers have endorsed the idea of a requirement, called a mandate, which would require employers to either cover their workers or pay into a fund for the uninsured.

If you still have questions about getting your medical bills paid, our personal injury lawyers have supplied a handy medical bills resource page that can give you help about understanding how your medical bills work as well as getting help lowering them.

Too many Americans do not have health insurance to help pay for medical bills if they suffer from illness or personal injury, and those people rely on government insurance to pay for medical bills.  Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe that a new comprehensive health plan will help many people get medical insurance so they will be taken care of in case of illness or personal injury.

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