The Consumer Federation of America found that women pay more in car insurance just to get behind the wheel, even though there has been a common urban myth for years that men are the ones paying higher premiums. In 38 different situations, women who had perfect driving records were charged a minimum of $100 more per year than their male counterparts according to the CFA study.

They looked at differing insurance premiums for women and men throughout 10 big cities and evaluated quotes from State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, and Farmers. They found that in six separate cases, applicants for car insurance face premiums of at least ‘$500 more than their male counterparts. Insurance companies, according to CFA Consultants, punish female drivers with perfect records far more often than men, and the insurance consultant for CFA argues that regulators should reconsider allowing companies to use these perfect records as a factor at all.

Twice as many women believe that insurance companies charge men more for auto-coverage than women. A total of 165 pairs of insurance quotes for women and men were evaluated and the CFA researchers found that 40-year-old women were the most likely to be charged higher than men, whereas 60-year-old women were also penalized more often and had higher premiums than their male counterparts. It is often believed that male drivers, and in particular younger male drivers, have costlier and more accidents.

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