A bioscience start-up company out of Yale University just got a boost in the amount of funding that can be used to generate more research in treating Alzheimer’s and other traumatic brain injury and spinal cord problems.

Connecticut Innovations Inc. invested $750,000 in Yale’s Axerion Theraputics, Inc. in New Haven, Connecticut.  The president and CEO of Axerion said his company’s goal is to improve the lives of people suffering from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and Alzheimer’s disease, and this investment could help take greater steps.

Our brain injury attorneys know that over $228 billion is spent by the United States when it comes to people with either of those conditions.  Millions of Americans suffer from these brain injury after effects, and finding new treatments for these conditions along with any like post concussion syndrome, epilepsy or seizures.  Not only do new treatments help people with these injuries and conditions now, but people who develop them in the future will be aided by the same treatments.

The hard part usually is getting money to fund the research necessary for the development of these new treatments.

Our brain injury lawyers in San Diego want these and any other treatments to get the funding they need to prove that they could work.  More treatments developed create new ways to treat diseases that cripple the most important organ in the human body.

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