Apple’s iPhone has an application (or app) for everything, but a new application for the iPhone could potentially cause more harm to people walking the streets.  In theory, it sounds like a good idea, but the app can still cause pedestrian accidents by other people not paying attention.

The application, called Type n Walk, uses the camera on the iPhone to show the user what is ahead without the user looking down.

The “Type n Walk” app for the iPhone uses the camera in the iPhone to show the user what they could bump into as they walk down the street. (SOURCE: New York Times)

Our pedestrian accident lawyers know that the most unexpected things happen when you are walking down the street.  You may be able to see what’s going on in front of you, but what about drivers of other cars who may be driving with the distraction of their phone, which is illegal in many states, by the way.

Being mindful of all of your surroundings is important while you’re driving or walking down the street because you have to know when you need to make split second decisions to prevent injuries or wrongful death.

Doctors have been expressing concerns about this issue for a while.  New cases of people, especially younger people, falling while walking and texting happen every day.  The American College of Emergency Physicians gave a statement expressing concern after a Chicago doctor commented on how often he gets face, eye, chin and mouth injuries among young people who trip and fall while they use their phones.

At Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, an emergency room doctor told a story about one patient who actually tripped on a curb while texting, and not only broke his wrist.  He also dropped his phone, which bounced into the street and was crushed by an incoming car.

Sends quite the message, doesn’t it?

Our pedestrian accident attorneys want to remind you of what you were always told when you were a child.  Look both ways before crossing the street.  Keep your head up.  Pay attention to everything around you.  In today’s world where there are so many distractions, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the world around you because you never know who isn’t paying attention.

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