In 2007, drunk-drivers were responsible for 13,000 wrongful deaths in the United States.  In New York alone, there were almost 9,500 automobile accidents related to intoxicated drivers.  Almost 200 of those killed or personally injured a person under age 14.

Governor David Paterson announced a new law entitled the Child Passenger Protection Act.  The new law would penalize intoxicated drivers with young passengers in their cars heavily.

New York Governor David Paterson passed a law that will make penalties for intoxicated drivers with young passengers harsher.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers cannot stress enough about the dangers of driving while intoxicated.  Every year, DUI automobile accidents cause thousands of injuries or wrongful death.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol dramatically diminishes your instincts and focus.  Drivers need to be careful when they drive as it is.  Why make an already difficult process harder?

New laws are passed every year by states trying to lower the number of DUI car accidents.  This new New York law increases penalties for drivers caught drinking with a child under age 16 in the car.  These drivers would be charged with a felony, have their license suspended, and face possible jail time.

“This will yield a possible 15 year sentence if there’s injury,” said Governor Paterson.  “There would be a 25 year sentence, we’d treat it pretty much as murder, if the child dies.”

The best way to prevent a DUI car accident is to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!  If you are planning on going out with some friends and drinking may happen, call a cab, call a sober friend or sleep at a friend’s house in the area.  Don’t risk your life or someone else’s life by getting behind the wheel.

DUI car accident lawyers handle DUI auto accident cases every year, and we have some DUI accident prevention resources.

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