When a car accident happens with children in the car, children’s injuries can be some of the most severe personal injuries that occur.  Children do not have the size of their parents and now a new law passed in the state of Texas can prevent more fatal car accidents when young boys and girls are involved.

With a lot of experience under their belt, our car accident attorneys know that children’s injuries have the potential to be fatal injuries more so than with other adults.  Children do not have the same tolerance for pain, and their bodies can only sustain so much emotional trauma.  Car safety seats are a good way to limit the amount of personal injury to your child in the event of a car accident.

According to Safe Kids USA, an agency that does research on children’s injury statistics and prevention, car accidents caused more wrongful death in children between ages three to 14 than any other incident.  Current Texas law requires children who are younger than five years old and under 36 inches in height to be in a car seat to protect them from personal injury in a car crash.

Two new Texas laws would require children to wear car seats until the age of 8 unless they are over four feet, nine inches tall in case a car accident occurs.  Many car seats cost as little as $15 and can be bought at local retail stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

How much is your child’s safety worth if a car accident happens?

Our car accident attorney’s first priority after a car accident is to make sure anyone hurt from personal injury gets the proper medical treatment that they need.  Children’s car accident injuries need to be treated with extra care because of the limited amount of trauma they can withstand.

You should be able to drive a car with your children with the knowledge they will be safe.  Using car safety seats with young kids is the best car insurance policy that you and your family can have on the road.

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