The top U.S. air-safety regulator said that within a few months he hopes to draft tougher rules to alleviate fatigue among commuter airline pilots.  Fatigue among pilots — just as in car accidents — often result in a crash which can cause personal injury.

When people drive while they are tired, drowsy or sleepy, this is commonly referred to as driver fatigue or drowsy driving.  This is a major cause of car accidents, since drowsy drivers are unable to adequately perceive, react and respond to situations on the road.

Our car accident attorneys understand the dangers of drowsy driving, and have handled numerous cases caused by driver fatigue.  Fatigued car drivers often have a difficult time perceiving and processing information.

In the United States alone, the National Sleep Foundation estimates that around 20% of car accidents may involve fatigued drivers.  Car accidents that occur as a result of a drowsy driver behind the wheel can cause a loved one or you numerous personal injuries or even wrongful death.

The new proposed rules, and the speedy timetable for implementing it, are an indication that, the Aviation Administration considers commuter pilot fatigue to be among the agency’s top safety concerns.

Fatigue is also a top safety concern when driving an automobile as a drowsy driver is more likely to get into a car accident and cause a personal injury to a loved one or you.  The risk of auto accidents goes up at night as car driver fatigue becomes one of the major issues at hand.

Our car accident lawyers believe that a well-rested driver is a safe driver.  If you feel sleepy or if your eye-lids begin to feel heavy it is safer to pull off the road than to continue driving.

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