Urban drivers often pick mini and microcars, uncommonly small automobiles, because they’re affordable, fuel efficient, and easy to park on city streets.  But those same cars are more prone to significant damages when involved in a car accident leaving the driver with severe personal injuries. As car accident lawyers, we understand that there are many different factors to weigh when purchasing a car, and we urge you to make sure that safety is at the top of that list.

Fender-benders occur more frequently in urban areas, and just one of them can add up to thousands of dollars in repair costs and medical bills because the bumpers don’t adequately protect cars from damage.  If the bumpers don’t protect cars from extreme damage then they won’t protect a loved one or you from suffering a significant personal injury.

When cars get a low score on safety tests they are more prone to cause personal injuries like whiplash, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or even wrongful death.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety put four different mini-car bumpers through 4 crash tests including full front and rear into a barrier that mimics the front or back bumper on another car plus front and rear corner impacts.  No vehicle can earn a good or even an acceptable rating in the Institute’s bumper tests if it’s unsafe to drive afterward or can’t be driven at all.  Five out of the seven cars tested earned poor ratings and one earned a marginal safety rating.

The first thing that we, as car accident lawyers, look for in a new car is whether or not it is rated high in preventing car accident injuries.  No matter what you drive, make sure that you have the best car insurance policy available. Is fuel efficiency and affordability in a small mini-car worth the risk of a loved one or you suffering a personal injury or wrongful death?

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