Scientists for the National Institute of Health believe that for the first time in a long time, there is a treatment that shows significant promise.  Researchers at various medical centers in the United States are treating people with traumatic brain injuries with the female hormone progesterone. One man, a person hurt in a head-on car accident, was treated with the hormone via IV.

Our brain injury lawyers know researchers and scientists are always trying to come up with new ways to treat people who suffer traumatic brain injuries, which happen every 15 seconds to someone in the United States.  Progesterone is a new treatment that will be used on over 1,100 traumatic brain injury patients over the next three years.

Treatment with the female hormone progesterone is getting results in brain injuries.

Progesterone has been referred to as a female hormone, but in actuality, it is considered a neurosteroid, a brain steroid usually connected to controlling anxiety and depression.  Researchers have determined that if you administer progesterone within hours of the injury, mortality is cut by 50 percent and disabilities are reduced.

After this man’s car accident, his Glascow coma scale rating was at a four.  At three, he would have been considered brain dead.  He said that after being given his IV, he said he forgets things every now and then, but he says that his brain is back to 100 percent functionality.

Could this treatment prove useful in the future, or is this an exception to the rule?  If it is a viable treatment, how much longer can it be before this treatment becomes 100 percent FDA approved?  This treatment can go a long way into keeping patients from developing brain damage.

Our brain injury attorneys in San Diego know that some of the most damaging injuries are ones to the brain.  Since the brain is the most important organ in the body, an injury to the brain affects the rest of the body equally.  Creating new treatments to treat these brain injuries is important to recovery.

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