For teenagers, taking attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication while driving may be literally a matter of life and death, according to a doctor of the University of Virginia Health System.

His research recently revealed that most teenage driver car accidents involving individuals with ADHD occur when they are not taking their prescribed medication.  A 25-year-old was arrested for a DUI on prescription medications after failing field tests, but what was unclear was that he needed the medication to pay attention on the road.

Our auto accident lawyers are optimistic about this research as it may lead to saved lives in the future.  The research assesses the problem ADHD drivers and offers a simple solution: to take the proper medication.  With his report, our attorneys hope to see a decline in ADHD induced car accidents and in teen drivers.

The doctor, of the University of Virginia Health System, has been studying the effects of ADHD medications and driving for several years.  He cites multiple studies based at the University of Virginia as well as Harvard and the Netherlands.

ADHD is a disorder in which individuals experience impulsivity and hyperactivity that approximately 5 to 7 percent of children and young adults in the United States have.  The effects of the disorder continue in these children as they get older as well.

The statistics on adolescent wrongful deaths because of car accidents are already high: 46 percent of females and 36 percent of males.  But when ADHD is factored in, that percentage jumps anywhere from two to four times.

The doctor said that his studies also revealed that when choosing medications for ADHD, those labeled as “long acting” actually do work better for many individuals.

Our firm’s automobile accident lawyers are a concern for teen and young adults in general, but even more of a concern for those who have ADHD and support this or any other medical treatments that aid in the safety of young adult drivers as they become adult drivers.

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