A new research study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety identified that fatal crashes involving marijuana use increased by as much as twice after the legalization of marijuana in 2012. The organization identified 49 drivers involved in fatal car accidents and determined that they had marijuana in their system in 2013 at the time of the accidents. In 2014 however, there were 106 drivers involved in fatal car crashes. Even in locations where marijuana may be legally used for recreational purposes, individuals who are under the influence while operating a vehicle could cause serious wrecks and face major consequences.

Some of the individuals who were fatally injured had drugs or alcohol in their system as well at the time of the accident. As a source of comparison, one-third of all traffic deaths recorded across 2014 involved individuals driving under the influence of alcohol, according to the CDC. If you suspect that marijuana played a role in a recent car accident where you’ve sustained injuries, it is imperative to get legal advice as soon as possible.

Have you recently been in an accident where you believe another driver’s use of drugs or alcohol has caused the crash? If so, this individual may be facing both criminal and civil issues if you moved forward with a California personal injury claim. Individuals who have sustained injuries in accidents like this may be entitled to initiate a personal injury claim to recover compensation. If you believe that drugs or alcohol played a role, you need to share this with the police as soon as possible.