The United States will announce new nationwide rules for car emissions and mileage standards for car makers.  The new rules will promote new ways to produce cars and new energy sources.  These new cars could come with new risks of car accidents because of new parts methods of car building.

The rules, which will begin in 2012, will place a new federal standard for fuel efficiency that are as touch as the California standards.  The new rules will also place the first-ever limits on climate-altering gases from cars and trucks.

Our car accident attorneys support the idea of putting more fuel efficient vehicles on streets and highways.  However, we are concerned about the possibility of more car accidents because of lighter materials or heavier car components.

New, more fuel efficient cars will follow a new national standard that will create more cars that will be 40 percent cleaner by 2016.  Today, cars on the road get an average of 35.5 miles to the gallon.

Environmentalists called the new laws long-overdue after decades of delay and opposition from the auto industry.  Car industry officials said it would provide the efficiency standard they desired and a reasonable timetable to do it in.

As car accident lawyers, we believe that more fuel efficient cars will be necessary in a future where drivers are less dependent on oil.  We urge car makers to conduct the same types of testing that creates safe cars that prevent personal injury in car accident.

And as always, no matter what vehicle you are driving, it is best to make sure you have a top-rated car insurance policy covering you in the event of an accident.

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