Anyone who wants to avoid bad driving should stay out of Florida, according to a financial tech company called Smart Asset that has analyzed data to determine that the sunshine state is the home to the worst drivers for the second year in a row. The worst states for drivers were analyzed using a few different data points.

They looked at several different factors to determine the most dangerous places for people to drive, such as DUI rates, the percentage of drivers with car insurance, the frequency with which there were parking tickets researched on Google and the number of people killed in vehicle accidents. California was named in the top ten worst states for drivers after the conclusion of the analysis.

Although Florida had a higher death rate from car accidents in 2015, according to research from the study, it was also home to some of the country’s largest search engine traffic for traffic ticket and speeding ticket. The DUI rates within Florida were low and it appeared to be that there was no connection between car accident fatalities and DUI arrests.

Florida drivers seemed most prone to ignore the rules of the road. Nevada and California were the only two non-southern states that earned a spot on this year’s list on the top ten states with the worst drivers in the country. Californians have 5.5 DUI arrests for every 1,000 drivers. The best drivers in the country, according to Smart Asset, were those that live in New England states.

Car accidents are, of course, not limited to just the worst states for drivers: they can and do happen anywhere. Different states have varying rules about how accidents should be handled and how insurance companies respond to fault issues, so make sure you know the laws. If you’ve been involved in an accident, getting medical attention immediately can give you an action plan of what to do next.