Because driving can be difficult enough when you’re traveling at a posted speed limit of 35 m.p.h., lawmakers have been doing everything they can to stop drivers from going excessively fast.

Lawmakers in Georgia have passed a new law that allows officials to fine all drivers convicted of going faster than 75+ mph in two-lane roads as well as drivers who drive at 85+ mph on all other Georgia roadways.

Georgia’s new ‘Super Speeder Law’, which is formally named HB160, was put into effect on January 1, 2010 to reduce car accidents caused by speeding.  Because our car accident lawyers support any new laws that are designed to reduce the amount of car accidents every year, we believe other states should consider following Georgia’s example.

Speeding causes hundreds of car accidents every year, and you should be aware of how far to the right your speedometer gets while you’re driving.  Georgia’s law comes after a 2008 report showed 21 percent of all wrongful deaths caused by car accidents were a result of speeding.

Drivers in Georgia who don’t heed that advice will be hit with an additional $200 state-fee on top of any other fines.  Failure to pay that fee will result in another $50 fee put on top of the original $200 as well as a suspension of license and driving privileges.  The fees generated will be collected and put in the state general fund used in Georgia’s trauma care hospital system.  Reports estimate that 60 percent of Georgia trauma care patients were taken there after sustaining serious personal injuries (sometimes fatal) in car accidents.

When you are in your car, prevention of car accidents is just as important as getting somewhere on time.  Even if you’re running late, there’s no need to travel too fast because that’s how too many mistakes happen.

Our car accident attorneys believe driver and passenger safety should hold precedent over how fast you reach your destination.  Going to fast cuts down on the time you have to react if you need to make a quick move to avoid a car accident.  As it is, you only have a few seconds to make a decision like that.  Don’t make it harder on yourself.

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