Have you or someone you know suffered major issues in a vehicle accident, including spinal cord injuries? If so, then you already know the consequences that can come with a serious injury potentially changing the course of your life forever. A new treatment holds promise for those individuals who have been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury which could be a big step forward.

A 53-year old man who sustained a spinal cord injury in a bicycle accident nearly 10 years ago has been paralyzed from the shoulders down ever since. However, due to a new spinal cord injury treatment, he has been able to regain arm movement and can feed himself because of the new technology that allows his muscles to connect with his brain.  Spinal cord injuries are often some of the most serious that a victim may walk away from an accident with. They require a great deal of supervision and medical treatment in the early stages, but a spinal cord injury can also continue to impact a patient for many years to come. Even with adequate health insurance, the costs associated with handling a spinal cord injury can be catastrophic.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University used an implanted device to decode brain signals and allow them to be transmitted to arm sensors to allow him to regain movement in the arm. So far, this technology has only been tested in one patient but it is a significant step forward for spinal cord injury treatments. Many individuals involved in bicycle accidents face a high risk of a traumatic brain injury or a spinal cord injury because of the lack of protection. Other recent advancements in spinal cord injury treatments are paving the way for a better future.

Even a cyclist wearing safety gear and a helmet can sustain significant life changing injuries that could make it impossible for him or her to ever live their live normally again. Paralysis is one such after effect of bicycle accidents that can have significant costs for the victim as well as his or her family members. In some situations, when a bicycle accident is caused by another person’s negligent behavior, the cyclist may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim.