New research identifies that a serious head injury can increase your chances of developing mental illness later in life. Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most complicated medical issues affecting people today. Many traumatic brain injuries are caused by severe vehicle accidents. There are many different ways to manage the impacts of a head injury but even managing the initial injury problems does not mean that you will be free from complications down the road.

Serious head injuries can be linked to many different long-term implications. One other study recently drew a connection to Parkinsons disease, for example. It can be difficult to tell how a head injury will impact you many years into the future, particularly since TBIs are still being researched by the medical community. This can make it hard to tell how severe head injuries from a San Diego car crash will lead to medical bills and pain decades down the road. This makes it all the more important to take severe head injuries seriously with a personal injury claim. 

You may be at higher risk of other medical problems which can be costly and difficult to deal with. If a traumatic brain injury was the outcome of a recent car accident in which someone else was at fault, you need to consult with an experienced California car accident attorney to protect your rights and discover whether you’re eligible to file a claim.