When you think about the many different dangers faced by California drivers, other cars, aggressive driving, and bad weather may come to mind. However, a recent fatal crash that occurred in Calaveras County with a black bear could raise awareness about wildlife because the bear and a mother and a toddler were killed in the crash.

These wildlife accidents can quickly become pileups if other drivers behind the one who hit an animal are not able to adapt quickly.

The UC Davis Road Ecology Center recently worked together with the California Highway Patrol to put together a study about vehicles and large animals and the accidents involving them. The study identified that in 2016, vehicles collided with more than 375 coyotes, 6,000 deer, 135 black bears, 43 mountain lions, 21 wild pigs and 43 elk. Those accidents led to 62 major injuries, 285 minor injuries and 5 deaths. 

Thousands of animals also died in those collisions.  Before the long winter, California black bears may be out looking for food for as many as 20 hours per day and the deer in rutting season are all moving about frequently as well. If you have been involved in an accident because someone swerved to try to avoid wild life or may have otherwise been negligent in accident, you may have grounds to pursue a legal claim for compensation. Given that the cost of managing your medical expenses after a crash like this can be severe, you need help immediately.