Many different handheld devices have already been labeled as extremely dangerous from the perspective of causing car accidents. Distracted driving is, unfortunately, a leading cause of car accidents not just in San Diego, but all over California. Bluetooth phone calls can be very dangerous for car accidents.

However, a new Australian study indicates that the hands-free devices that have been promoted as being much safer may not be as safe as expected. It turns out that these may be just as distracting as handheld phone conversations. Operating a mobile phone manually while driving can lead to fines in numerous different states and it can also cause devastating car accidents. However, new research indicates that even when you have both of your hands on your steering wheel, if you’re using a Bluetooth device, this can add one second to reaction times therefore still being distracting enough.

The researchers behind this new study evaluated driver reaction times for pedestrians that emerged in the peripheral vision of the driver, finding that those who were having conversations even on the hands-free device took much longer to react and avoid the accident. This could have significant consequences for anyone who has a false sense of security in believing that a hands-free device is minimizing their chances of being involved in an accident. Being involved in a vehicle accident has the potential to turn your life upside down. It could lead to civil consequences in the form of a personal injury lawsuit should somebody else be injured or killed as a result of your behavior. It’s important to be aware of all potential distractions, including Bluetooth phone calls, and avoid them when you’re behind the wheel.