Although Google has been celebrating many different achievements with their autonomous vehicles, three out of four Americans still aren’t quite ready for driverless cars. After a self-driving car had at least some responsibility for an accident earlier this month involving a bus in California, it’s not expected that the numbers of Americans who support self-driving cars will increase.

A survey released by AAA indicated that within the group of people who did not support autonomous vehicles 84% felt that their own driving skills were better than what the technology offered. This could be seen as a possible setback because the developer Google has pushed for widespread adoption and use of these vehicles that don’t require traditional controls like brakes or steering wheels.

The U.S. Department of Transportation, however, has been hesitant about full approval for this, asking that Google reconsider their current approach to self-driving cars. The results released from the survey last Tuesday may indicate that more research and information is needed before Americans are willing to stand behind cars with their own driving capability.