Anyone who has lived through a serious car accident in California or elsewhere around the country knows just how devastating these incidents can be. Even with the significant technological advances in modern medicine, a car accident can make your life difficult and painful for many years to come. Some of the worst accident victims will suffer paralysis or may never fully recover from their injuries. A new research study has determined what our bodies would look like if humans were designed to adapt after car accidents.

Those involved in creating the model show that the human body would be significantly altered if it adapted to the injuries from car accidents. Crash investigators and surgeons worked together to show just how much damage could be done in a car accident.

According to the study’s managers, one of the biggest goals of the project was to show that governments should make improvements on roadways and inside vehicles a major priority. Although technology has advanced in the arena of vehicle safety, car accidents are still a major cause of death and critical injury in the U.S. Although mechanisms like airbags and seatbelts have certainly had an impact by preventing car accidents, the surge in distracted driving behavior may be counteracting some of those improvements. Car crashes caused by distracted driving are often gruesome and frequently linked to fatalities and life-threatening injuries.

Since car crashes can change your life in such big ways, it’s important to protect your rights and consult with an injury attorney after an accident.