A company known as Zoombak has come up with a consumer-friendly tracking device that is the size of a 1980s pager and may help prevent the amount of severe personal injuries frequently associated with car accidents.

As auto accident attorneys, know how helpful transmitting devices can be in helping to locate injured persons after they have experienced a car crash.  The quicker the response time from paramedics and firefighters, the less chance there is for the hurt person in the car crash to develop personal injuries, as well as prevent an unnecessary wrongful death.

The price of the transmitter starts at $100 and there is an addition charge of $15 a month for unlimited tracking, a small price to add a new level of safety in an auto accident.  Users of the Zoombak transmitter can set up perimeters within a 200 yard radius, a feature that could allow parents to know if their teenage driver is traveling to a destination they should not be going to, but allow for them to track the vehicle’s location via GPS if there a car accident.

While assisting with automobile accident help is a major plus, there are some downsides to this new transmitter.  First strike: the long response time.  If an automobile leaves the tracker’s given radius, then re-enters that same area and ends up in a car crash, you would not know it happened for up to 15-minutes.

Another concern is that the transmitter uses a cellular network to relay the GPS coordinates, but that network happens to be T-Mobile, a company whose coverage is not prevalent everywhere.  Huge chunks of the western United States, and far too many smaller patches everywhere else, have no T-Mobile signal at all.  Zoombak falls into radio silence—completely useless—in these dead zones.

As auto accident attorneys, we believe that tracking devices such as Zoombak can help lower the number of personal injury cases or even fatal car accidents, as well as having a good auto insurance policy covering you.  They may not be perfect, but $100 is a small price to pay to keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of an automobile accident.

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