Even though we’re thousands of miles away from New York, the state’s latest auto show may prove to benefit the entire nation including our very own San Diego. That’s because the future of cars are all about to change thanks in part to the latest safety features unveiled at the New York Auto Show.

The truth is that countless car accidents occur throughout San Diego County and the rest of the country on a daily basis. But with the latest safety features, injuries and wrongful deaths could be a thing of the past – or at least heavily reduced.

According to ABC News, all kinds of vehicle types are sporting new safety features that may go miles in accident prevention. Chevy, Honda and Nissan were honorable-mentions. As for technology incorporated, the good news is that it’s all on the fly – meaning that safety features are available instantaneously when you need it most.

“You don’t have to think about it. It’s very intuitive. It gives you a quick warning that something is wrong,” said a spokesperson at Edmunds.com according to ABC News.

The Honda Fit and Chevy Trax were honored for its Blind Spot Monitor (BSM), a camera-like device that displays blind spots on the interior screen of the vehicle. The vehicles’ Forward Collision Warning (FCW) feature can detect a potential crash just moments before it occurs – and that can help drivers react in time to stop the car accident.

Although Lane Departure Warnings (LDW) are not necessarily new to the auto safety scene, the safety feature is now included on some Honda Fit models. When coupled with other safety features, drivers can now be safer than ever when it comes to accident injury prevention in San Diego County.

It’s not just Honda or Chevy focusing on safety – according to Edmunds, safety features like these have jumped from 84 models to 170 vehicle models from 2011 to 2014. That’s a 102 percent increase in car safety features found on the most common vehicle models – and that’s good news for many consumers in the market of buying a new car.

“Manufacturers have responded and just put them all on at once, just saying, ‘hey look, safety is something the public is always shopping for. It can’t hurt,’” Edmunds’ spokesperson said.

Nissan is also leading the safety pack with its latest “smart rear view mirror” which can help prevent rollover accidents related to child injury and death.

“You are able to offer a little wider view and remove some of the area you otherwise couldn’t see,” said another safety expert at the auto show.


Consumers in the market of buying a new car should consider the following safety features – these are considered most essential according to Readers’ Digest. Thankfully, it goes without saying that airbags and seatbelts are always standard in new vehicles today.

HEAD INJURY PROTECTION. Car accidents can lead to traumatic brain injury even at medium speeds. Head injury protection can help. Any form of protection is not likely visible. Foam or other energy-absorbing materials are generally contained within the door or ceiling frames. Alternatively, vehicles may feature head airbag systems.

HEAD RESTRAINTS. Head restraints are an extension of the car seat, designed to prevent the head and neck from flinging uncontrollably in the event of a San Diego accident. While front seats are always required to have head restraints, the rear seats are not. Look out for your passengers and choose a vehicle with fully adjustable head restraints in the rear seat.

ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Whether buying new or used, always choose a vehicle with an anti-lock braking system (ABS). ABS prevents vehicles from locking when depressing the brake pedal in panic. This safety feature can prevent sliding and loss of control. According to Cars.com, some vehicles today including the 2011 Chevrolet Aveo, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio and Nissan Versa do not come with ABS.

TRACTION CONTROL. Even though we enjoy sunny weather here in San Diego, once rain falls, the whole city seemingly stops when it comes to traffic. Traction control can help you get a grip on the road. And because we don’t get rain very often, the roadways can be especially slippery at first fall. Traction control creates stability and disburses slip when power is applied to the vehicle wheels. All-wheel drive adds even greater control.

ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL. While there are various brand names for electronic stability control, all trade names assist drivers to maintain control. It is different from traction control because it senses when a vehicle may lose control when over-steering or under-steering. Electronic stability control automatically applies brakes in these cases.

When Accidents Occur

Even the safest vehicle equipped with the safest driver is at risk for car accident injury. When accidents occur, it goes without saying that life can be stressful thereafter. Medical bills, lost work, pain and suffering – the list goes on – can wreak havoc when it comes to leading the course of our lives. Individuals who need legal advice in the wake of a San Diego accident are encouraged to speak to a personal injury attorney today. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Give us a call for a FREE consultation at 1-858-551-2090 to confidentially discuss your case.