The New York Daily News has reported on a state law created by a mother after her child was injured as a result of a car accident caused by reckless driving.  The new law in New York would punish people who drive recklessly more so than now if they are found to be driving dangerously, putting others’ lives in jeopardy.

Our auto accident lawyers know that reckless driving is a top cause of auto accidents in the United States.  In New York alone, there were over 15,000 auto accidents in the state in 2008 and this new piece of legislation is hoping to reduce those numbers in upcoming years.

Sponsors of new law in New York seek harsher consequences for reckless drivers.

Last September, one young girl was on her way to preschool.  While she was walking on E 82nd St. and York Ave., she was hit by a driver who was backing up to find a parking spot.  The pedestrian accident left the three year old brain damaged.

A new would create vehicular assault in the third-degree, a new crime that would result in a felony which would carry a sentence of four years in prison not to mention suspension of the driver’s license for seven years.  The New York law would apply to a driver who violates traffic laws causing personal injury to a pedestrian.

A Bronx resident was driving along when he saw a parking spot and backed up the wrong way through a crosswalk to grab it.  Instead of grabbing the parking spot, he accidentally hit the young girl, causing her children’s injuries that will likely be with her the rest of her life.

Her mother wasn’t thrilled about the initial punishment– the driver in question was issued a ticket — and called for justice.

The mother doesn’t want to put more emphasis on legitimate auto accidents where someone jaywalks or jumps into traffic.  With this new law, she only wants to punish those whose reckless driving causes personal injury to innocent pedestrians.

Our auto accident lawyers in San Diego know that pedestrians are hurt all the time because there’s no telling when a car is going to seemingly come out of nowhere.  When they do, rarely does it end well for the pedestrian.  If approved, the New York law could stop some drivers from doing anything too reckless behind the wheel.

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