Thousands of drivers take the option to drive used cars because the prices of newer cars are higher than most motorists can afford.  Some used cars can potentially be the cause car accidents because of the years of wear and tear on vital engine parts.

New laws which will provide government-funded discounts for trading in old cars for newer, more fuel-efficient models increase the possibility of putting newer cars on the roads and prevent car crashes that result from a car’s age.

Buying a used car is a risk that many are willing to take, but our firm’s car accident attorneys know from experience that consumers should make sure the car they drive will have the necessary safety features to prevent personal injury in a possible car accident.

These new laws can aid in preventing these types of car crashes, and the possibility of getting these laws passed when a member of the United States Congress indicated that she will compromise on her requirement to limit the discounts to vehicles manufactured in North America.  The European Union’s ambassador to the United States called the requirement a “clear violation” of world-trade rules.

Congress continues to push for legislation for a “cash-for-clunkers” program, which would provide new-car discounts of $1,500-$5,000 to consumers buying newer cars and raise dropping car sales and put safer cars on the road and prevent car accidents related to the age of the car.  As car accident attorneys, we say that the best car insurance policy you can get from the government are laws and programs that result in safer conditions on roads and highways.

If the “cash-for-clunkers” car accident prevention plan by putting new cars on the road is good enough to work in Europe, as car accident lawyers, we believe a plan like this might be beneficial after further study for consumers in the United States as they might be more willing to drive newer, safer cars that are better at preventing serious personal injuries in a car crash.

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