The NFL needs to take better care of its players.

The number of players getting concussions has begun to rise in the last several years, and members of the NFL’s Players Association have attributed that to football helmets not being good enough.  Football helmets are the most important thing to a player trying to prevent a concussion, so it’s important for those helmets to meet or exceed standards to prevent brain injuries — whatever those standards may be.

Newer helmets, like this one from Riddell, are said to do a better job preventing brain injuries — namely concussions — for today’s football players. (Source:

Our brain injury attorneys believe that a huge organization with as many employees as the NFL needs to take every step possible to ensuring the safety of its workers both on the field and after their time is past.  Brain injuries like concussions can leave permanent damage for these players later on in life.  Taking care of them now should be the responsibility of NFL officials and the companies who make the helmets.

The NFL has a weird relationship with the companies who make football helmets.  According to the NFL players’ handbook, Riddell is the “official helmet of the NFL.”  Players are allowed to wear helmets made by other companies, but the names of those helmets need to be blocked out from view.

That does help to a degree.  The technology developed by a company not Riddell that can potentially be better for players.  But even those standards may not be good enough.  The only current safety test is done by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (Nocsae).  Their test involves a drop test that simulates forces that’ll cause a skull fracture.  Tests like that led to the data that suggested greater padding around the jaw in one of Riddell’s Revolution helmet line.

Despite the criticism football helmets get as far as their effectiveness in preventing concussions, our brain injury lawyers believe that wearing a helmet is better than nothing.  Companies who make helmets for football players and other athletes who use helmets to limit the possibility of a concussion should always want to look to the future with new technologies that can help players during and after their playing days are over.

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