Every Sunday for 21 weeks, over 1,600 men go through the equivalent of several car accidents for the enjoyment of millions of football fans across the world.  During this time, traumatic brain injuries may occur that change these players’ lives after their playing is over.

The National Football League has been taking more initiative to protect players after their time on the gridiron ends.  Most recently, the NFL has donated $1 million to the Boston University School of Medicine for the study of traumatic brain injuries.

NFL donates $1 million to Boston University School of Medicine for concussion research.

Protecting your employees during and after their employment is over should be the responsibility of every business.  Many businesses have pension plans to help their employees, and our brain injury lawyers believe the NFL should be no different.  With all the money generated by the NFL, the league should be one of the driving forces in helping find new research when it comes to treating and diagnosing concussions.

The money donated by the NFL will go to support the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy’s (CSTE) research into long-term effects of constant brain trauma in athletes, namely football players.  The NFL’s donation is the first by any sports league to support this research at the school.

“We obviously are very interested in the center’s research on the long-term effects of head trauma in athletes,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters.  “It is our hope this research will lead to a better understanding of these effects and also to developing ways to help detect, prevent and treat these injuries.”

CSTE researchers are the main force providing proof that constant blows to the head in sports can cause what’s called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  The disease is associated with behavioral and cognitive problems and eventually causing dementia.

Our brain injury lawyers in San Diego hope that this is the first in many steps taken by sports leagues.  The NFL is only one league whose players are threatened by concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.  While it is true that the NFL generates the most cases, all sports leagues should look to protect their employees after retirement.

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