Seatbelts have long been touted as a best practice for everyone inside a vehicle. Seatbelts provide critical restraint in the event of an accident and may help to prevent someone from flying through the windshield or roof of the car. The actual impact of seatbelts in terms of other aspects has not been studied in the research yet.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently looking for school districts that are interested in adding lap-shoulder seatbelts on their school buses across the course of a 5-year study to analyze how this may affect behavior on the bus. Some advocates for teenage and child safety related to cars argue that the use of seatbelts may be critical inside buses both to restraint student from engaging in dangerous behavior that could distract the driver and cutting down on the potential for devastating injuries in the event of an accident.

A study is usually the first step in determining whether or not an issue will be addressed with regulations and laws. If you were recently involved in an accident, whether it had to do with a bus, truck or another type of passenger vehicle, you should evaluate your rights to file a claim for compensation and consult with an experienced injury lawyer