One San Diego man is currently asking himself: why were there no charges filed against a driver who may be at-fault for a 2009 drunk driving accident that flipped over his car?  It is a mystery that no one can apparently answer.

Even our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys are clueless as to why this case of driving under the influence (DUI) is not being prosecuted to the fullest extent, even though evidence has suggested the drunk driver had a blood alcohol level three times above the legal limit.

In 2009, a drunk driving accident happened and a year later, no charges are being filed.

According to KGTV 10 News, the San Diego district attorney’s office will not file charges against one woman who is accused of driving while intoxicated, hitting a male driver’s vehicle, and then leaving the scene of the crash, creating a hit and run accident.

In June of 2009, police say that the woman caused the rollover car accident while she and the man were driving north on Highway 163 through Balboa Park.  Police claim that the woman had a blood alcohol level of .22 and one officer recommended in his report that she be charged with DUI felonies.  The district attorney, however, is not looking to file anything against the accused.

“The way a case is charged is based on evidence and the law, not on the name of the defendant or what possible connections they may have,” said a district attorney spokesman.

The woman was a board member at the YWCA of San Diego during the same time that District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis was awarded the YWCA Tribute to Women and has many ties to the San Diego Woman’s Foundation.

“It seemed a little fishy to me,” he speculated.  “It seems like she has the connections in this town to make this kind of thing go away.”

Even if that were true, which our law office is not saying that it is, the woman has a misdemeanor DUI charge filed against her by the city attorney.  We will keep an eye on this case and give you up-to-date information as we learn it, but for now, our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys only know the information presented to us by the media.

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