Officials from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Federal Highway Administration are expected to announce a new highway construction project.  The $181 million dollar contract in the North County of San Diego involves widening Route 76 from two lanes to four starting with Melrose Drive to South Mission Road.

Tenatively, construction from South Mission Road to Interstate 15 starts next year.

The San Diego Association of Governments, the planning organization for that region, estimates 30,000 vehicles use the Melrose to South Mission Road portion of the highway every day.  Our car accident lawyers know that means one thing: heavy traffic — which can lead to car accidents — prompted the widening project.

The most likely car accident on a busy freeway is the rear-end car accidents.  You’re on your way to work, and you’re taking a sip of coffee when the car in front of you unexpectedly hits their brakes.  You can’t react in time, and BAM!  Your front end is dented, and the other car’s back bumper is dented.

The SD Association of Governments expect the 30,000 vehicle number to double by 2030 making an already bad problem worse.  According to Caltrans, the accident rate on that stretch of road already meets or exceeds the California average compared to other two lane roads.

Our car accident attorneys realize how important it is to be PRO-active when it comes to preventing car accidents.  If there is a problem or concern among government officials involving the safety of drivers on the road, proper steps need to be taken to ensure clear sailing (or as close to clear sailing) as possible when you’re out on Route … 76.

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