With summer fast approaching many students are set to graduate and some parents will consider rewarding their child’s achievements by purchasing them a new car.

Choosing the right car is a difficult decision.  Parents should make sure they are not sending their child to college in a death trap and causing personal injury or a wrongful death in a car accident?

As car accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys, we believe that car crashes can be an emotionally traumatic incident in your life, causing personal injuries and physical disabilities, not to mention the cost of medical bills.

Bigger vehicles are not always the right choice.  They can be top-heavy and are more likely to cause a wrongful death or personal injury if in a rollover car accident.

Expensive high-powered sports cars may be nice on the outside, but those can be a bad choice for obvious reasons that cause car accidents.  Single-vehicle crashes that happen when a driver loses control, often at high speed, are the most common type of fatal accident among teenage drivers.

New “used cars” are a way for some consumers to save a buck or two, but some of these cars do not offer the same safety features that other cars do.  Safety features are important in that they could save a loved one or you from suffering a personal injury or wrongful death.

When considering a new car for your teenage driver one no one seems to think about the potential reality of car accidents.  But car accidents are a very real thing that causes personal injury and fatalities.

Being auto accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys, we believe that everyone should drive safely and accordingly to the rules of the road.  If a car accident should occur, it is best to immediately find help, and protect yourself by getting the best car insurance policy available to you.

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