New York State Senator Charles Fuschillo said he did not have the county’s fiscal crisis in mind when he proposed a car accident safety measure: the installation of stoplight cameras across Nassau County in upstate New York.  If passed, Fuschillo’s red light law would authorize the installation of red light cameras at 50 high car accident-risk intersections.

Our car accident attorneys support any new laws that hope to reduce car accidents caused by drivers that run red lights.  Many of these automobile accidents result in catastrophic injuries, pain and suffering and, worst case, wrongful death.

Fuschillo first proposed the law in April 2007, after holding press conference at the intersection of Carmans Road and Louden Street, where officials had recorded 70 car accidents between 2000 and 2005 — 41 avoidable car accidents had drivers not run a red light.

Stoplight cameras snap photos of the license plates of motorists who run red lights or those that are turning red.  Not only are drivers likely to think twice before attempting to beat a light if they know a camera may catch them, but there is evidence that such cameras reduce car accident statistics.  County officials said that New York City, which has had the cameras since 1994, has reported a 73 percent reduction in violations over a 10-year period, as well as a 41 percent reduction in car accidents.

“All too often, I see, and I’m sure everyone sees, that people are driving through red lights and putting other passengers and pedestrians at risk,” Fuschillo said.  “If the cameras change driver habits in Nassau County as it has in New York City, it is a potentially lifesaving measure.”

This year Fuschillo is confident that the law will be passed by the N.Y. state government.

Our car accident lawyers are pleased to see steps being taken to save lives.  With the numbers provided by the county officials, it is hard to ignore the need for these stoplight cameras to be implemented.  Hopefully once the law is passed, the county will see a significant decrease in its accident tolls.

Even if there are still no stoplight cameras, it is still against the law to run red lights, and it causes auto accidents.  Following traffic signs and lights could mean preventing a wrongful death.

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