The driver of a Ford Fiesta was headed towards Westaway at 8pm on a Wednesday in the middle of November when he lost control of the vehicle. When the car left the roadway and slammed broadside into a palm tree in the middle of a grassy median, he became trapped inside.

Three Marines eating at a nearby Appleby’s heard the crash and jumped into action. They pulled the windshield from the vehicle in order to save a passenger from the other car involved in the accident and then worked to free the driver until the paramedics arrived.

Although the cause of the single car crash has not yet been determined, the Marines in this particular incident represent that some people need to step up and become a hero when coming upon a car accident. Even though it can be dangerous to remove the individuals from their vehicles as a result of the injuries that they may have sustained as the result of the accident, if paramedics or other authorities have not properly arrived you may need to spring into action and help someone who is trapped in a vehicle.

Where possible, always contact authorities first so that emergency personnel are on the way and only take action in removing someone from a vehicle in situations where you absolutely have to. You could help save a life by paying attention to sounds of a car crash and reporting it to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.