Authorities in Ohio said a man has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after crashing his motorized bar stool on a street in Newark, a town 30 miles east of Columbus.The nature of this case makes the mind wonder because of the mode of transportation involved in the pedestrian accident, but driving under the influence is the same in all cases whether you are driving a car or truck, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, or in this case … a bar stool. 

Every type of accident can cause injury or wrongful death in some cases, as our firm’s experienced San Diego personal injury attorneys know all too well.  What is incredibly sad is that there are so many methods of DUI prevention that it is almost ludicrous to think someone would attempt to drink and drive anything.

A twenty-eight-year old man was attempting a U-turn while traveling about 20 mph on the motorized bar stool when the crash happened. The man admitted to drinking 15 beers before the wreck but disputes the timeline of crash.  He says he was sober before the crash, then began drinking.

If you are wondering whether the charge will count under the law, the Ohio Motor Vehicle Code defines a motor vehicle as “any vehicle, including mobile homes and recreational vehicles that are propelled or drawn by power other than muscular power collected from overhead trolley wires.”

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that a motorized bar stool can cause just as much danger as cars, trucks and motorcycles if involved in DUI accidents.

If a driver decides to operate any kind of motorized vehicle, they should make sure they are not under the influence of anything.

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