Back in the day, if children wanted a set of wheels to signify new freedoms, the obvious choice was the bicycle or the big wheel.  Children these days have access to youth all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and motorcycles, and they can be hazardous because motorcycle accidents can cause serious children’s injuries.

In Oklahoma, state representatives are pushing House Resolution 1024 to curb ATV accidents by banning the sale of youth all-terrain vehicles. There have been regulations passed intended to apply to children’s toys but apply to the engine, brakes, battery and other parts of youth ATVs.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys know from experience that child safety demands extra attention because of the size of the rider in this case.  If a child’s reflexes are not sharp enough, motorcycle accidents can happen that lead to physical disabilities or result in wrongful death.

State representative Rex Duncan says that current regulation makes most youth ATVs and motorcycles illegal which forces willing consumers to purchase vehicles that are not sized for children.

After the regulations were approved, dealers were told to halt all sales of vehicles designed for riders age 12 and younger.  Those dealers are now stuck with almost $100 million in illegal unsold vehicles.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys support regulation that prevents motorcycle accidents and protects people the same way a good auto insurance policy does.  We have even greater support for regulation that makes children safe.  Parents do not want to think about the possibility of their children getting into a wrongful death accident before their life gets started.

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