Whenever people have an excuse to party, chances are there will be some adult beverages consumed in good fun.  The sad part is that this often coincides with people drinking and driving (DUI), which leads to fatal car accidents.

Super Bowl Sunday 2008 was no different.  On February 3, 2008, the California Highway Patrol arrested 403 car drivers for driving under the influence.  A dozen people were subjected to wrongful deaths in DUI accidents — three times the daily average — in addition to the 167 injured in drunk-driving accidents.

As a result, CHP was determined to make sure that they increased their efforts to catch drunk-drivers during this year’s Super Bowl.

“We’re not discouraging the celebration,” said the CHP Commissioner. “We’re asking fans to make the right call, so they won’t find themselves benched in a jail cell.”

The experienced drunk-driving accident attorneys at our firm agree with the Commissioner.  Everyone over the age of 21 has the legal right to celebrate with a few alcoholic beverages when watching the big game.

Our attorneys just hope that people know that when they drink alcohol, they have waived their right to get behind the wheel and drive a car.

DUI accident are 100% preventable, intoxicated people need to remember that their only place in the car is as a passenger.  It cannot be said enough, but here is one more time of someone shouting from the rooftops: do not drink and drive!  It is a bad decision!

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