How many driving under the influence (DUI) accusations and charges can one man rack up?  One man in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is on the cusp of reaching double digit DUI arrests.

The Jackson Hole Daily reports that one man, 44, has been accused of driving with a water bottle full of whiskey and what could possibly amount to his ninth DUI on record.  He has previous charges, stemming back to 1985 in Utah and from 2003 to 2005 in San Diego, California.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys believe that one drunk driving charge is too many.  Every year, numerous wrongful deaths across the country are attributed to drivers with alcohol or drugs in their system and who should not be operating a car.  No personal injuries occurred in this instance, but this man was putting himself and everyone on the road in risk of injury.

In his ninth DUI arrest, motorists alerted local authorities of his reckless driving.  When police pulled him over, they found an open water bottle that was filled with whiskey.

“I can’t feature a person in this court posing more of a threat to the community,” the prosecutor said.  “There’s a trail of carnage that follows him through Utah and California back to Wyoming.”

The man in question appeared before 9th Circuit Judge Timothy C. Day, who set his bail at $100,000 cash because of prior convictions within the last five years.  That time frame for him occurred during his stint in California, namely Fremont and San Diego County.  On further examination, it was discovered that he also has a criminal history because his charge in Fremont County was listed as an aggravated vehicular homicide.  The man in question said that he had no accidents on record in Utah and that the accident in Fremont was because the woman involved in the crash hit him during a lane change.

This San Diego firm’s car accident attorneys believe that repeat drunk drivers need to be re-educated on the rules of the road.  If they cannot show a willingness to abide by the laws designed to keep people safe, then serial drunk drivers probably should not have a license.

How many times can you give someone a second chance before it is one too many?

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