More and more auto makers are installing safety devices, such as Chevy’s OnStar Emergency response system, that aids people in the event of a car accident.

As auto accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys, we believe that car crashes can be an emotionally traumatic incident in your life and take a chunk of your wallet because of the costs of medical bills.  The worst type of car accidents are the ones with no personal injuries or pain and suffering, but the fatal car accidents that cause wrongful death.

To aid the cause, OnStar has launched a new ad campaign in conjunction with Chevrolet Motor Corporation to get more American car buyers to purchase automobiles with GPS navigation systems and emergency contact systems in the event of a car crash.

The print ads feature a twisty highway with two lanes and the questions of: “Can you find the car in the auto accident above—we can!”  The ad goes on to give the exact coordinates and explain how the picture of the road does not show the crashed car because it went off the road and down the hill.

But with a new device comes new questions about design defects that are used to either prevent car accidents or help after one has occurred.  How well does OnStar work and should motorists rely on it if they should find themselves in a car accident—after all, it is a machine and can break like any other?

Being auto accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys, we believe that everyone should drive safely and accordingly to the rules of the road, as well as get the best car insurance policy out there.  If a car accident should occur, it is best to immediately find help, however, devices such as the one described above can help reduce the risk of serious personal injury or wrongful death from taking place.

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