Our bodies manufacture lots of blood (about 1.5 ounces of red blood cells daily), but the nation’s hospitals remain in desperately short supply especially for those severely injured in car accidents.

The need for blood for soldiers in war zones is even direr, as donated blood airlifted from the U.S. can take more than three weeks to get to the front lines.  To address this shortfall, the Defense Department’s advanced project agency, DARPA, has commissioned a medical company to build a fully automated machine able to make new blood on-site for blood transfusions for the personally injured — hopefully a technology soon bound for civilian hospitals.

Our car accident lawyers are pleased to hear of such developments, as technology is moving towards bettering the health of mankind and saving more lives.  If car accident patients in emergency rooms have a better chance to survive, we therefore prevent a wrongful death car accident.

Cleveland-based Arteriocyte received nearly $2 million to perfect a “blood pharming” system that grows red blood cells in a three-dimensional matrix of nanofibers that replicates bone marrow.

Company researchers trying to grow stem cells noticed that, by tweaking the temperature and concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide that is pumped throughout the culture, they could also create early versions of red blood cells.

The proposed system, the size of a few household refrigerators, would churn out about 100 units of universal-donor type O-negative blood every week.

As auto accident attorneys, we can only hope this development succeeds with our nation’s finest and filters down to regular citizens that need a blood transfusion after a car crash.

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