Consumer products have been known to cause injury or wrongful death.  Food is one group of products, but most commonly, some over-the-counter medical treatments can be dangerous.

Users of denture cream are filing a products liability claim due to the overexposure of the mineral, zinc.  About 25 different products liability lawsuits in 11 different states have been filed by people who used denture cream such as Proctor & Gamble Co.’s Fixodent and GlaxoSmithKline’s PoliGrip.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys want to inform consumers that products liability complications and injuries can come from any source.  They can come from food-borne bacterias as well as products designed to “help” with physical problems.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, warnings have never been issued about the dangers of using denture creams.  Denture creams contain zinc to improve the cream’s adhesive power.  The amount of zinc in denture cream is safe when it’s used properly, but too much zinc can cause a copper deficiency that can cause nerve damage.

The products liability lawsuits claim the products are defective, and companies failed to warn people effectively about dangers.  In the Texas claims, patients were using way more than the recommended dose of denture cream — about two or three tubes per week.

No matter what a products prescribed intentions are, consumers should beware of using the product too much.  Any drug or treatment can be dangerous if too much of it is taken.  Always read directions carefully, and if any complications begin, see your doctor quickly.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys believe consumers should always be mindful of what they put in their bodies, on their bodies … or on their mouths.  Just about anything can be harmful if too much of it is taken.  If you are seriously injured, think about hiring an attorney to fight on your side so that you can get help paying your medical bills and restoring your health 100 percent.

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