Since November of 2009, a Pacific Beach neighborhood planning commission has been gathering information about drinking habits in their neighborhood.  According to San Diego 6 News, the committee presented findings saying alcohol related crimes such as drunk driving are too out of control.

It’s no secret that Pacific Beach (PB) is one of the biggest party neighborhoods in San Diego.  Alcohol was permanently banned from PB beaches after a 2008 law was passed.  Our auto accident lawyers believe that if there is significant causes for concern, all proposals preventing drunk driving — a top cause of car accidents in the United States — should be considered.

More proposals in Pacific Beach would control alcohol consumption & lower drunk driving.

Drinking on the beach is already banned in Pacific Beach, but members of an alcohol license review committee with the neighborhood’s planning commission think more steps need to be taken.  This is because the issue of alcohol related crimes such as DUIs continue to get worse.

At Pacific Beach Middle School, the committee found that drinking was a significant problem and the data was leaked to the public and the media.  The study shows that alcohol related crime is 19 percent higher in Pacific Beach than the rest of San Diego.  The report also includes information about 600 DUI violations in 2009.

The group feels the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC), the agency assigned with licensing and regulation of alcohol in California, is not big enough to stop the problem.  Instead, the committee want to enforce a controlled-use permit for the area.  Simply put, the permit would give the group its own authority when it comes to law regarding alcohol, yet it does not have to conform to ABC authority.

People in Pacific Beach believe these restrictions aren’t needed, and they wouldn’t do anything to change a characteristic of the neighborhood.

“When you are in PB, just know that it is a more youthful crowd and it’s just kind of a fun place to be,” said Sophia Nava.

No matter what the particular climate of a neighborhood is, if drunk driving and other alcohol related crimes are rising, perhaps it’s time for a change.

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