New technology has led to the production of new cell phones that do more than just make phone calls.  Today’s cell phones can send messages, take pictures and surf the internet.

As car accident lawyers, the new phones and new phone features can cause more harm when they lead to car accidents because a driver is paying more attention to their phone than the road.  Distracted drivers are one of the top causes of car accidents, and cell phones are the top distraction for drivers.

Is a phone call, an email or a text message worth getting into a car accident that causes a personal injury or even a wrongful death?

The new Palm Pre debuted on June 6, 2009 for consumers looking to get a new phone.  The Pre has all of the newest features that come with the latest cameras: wireless network, GPS, Bluetooth, a camera and a touch screen.  Those new features are nice, but car accidents can occur leading to personal injury and wrongful death if used at the wrong time … like when driving.

The Palm Pre is sold at Sprint Stores and Best Buy for $200 after rebates, but getting into a car accident caused by a driver distraction can make that price tag higher if you factor high medical bills and property damage caused by a car accident.

As automobile accident lawyers, we do not discourage new technology being installed into every day devices like cell phones.  We are concerned that some of these new features can make an already difficult task like driving more difficult if a driver is focused on the wrong thing.

New cell phones can still be a good thing depending on how and when they are used — provided it is not used while driving.

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